AgSights – taking data collection to a whole new level of simple!

Published on Thu, 01/16/2020 - 11:35am

 AgSights – taking data collection to a whole new level of simple!

 By Steve Weisman.

 For cattle producers, making the right herd management decisions are crucial when it comes to herd health, herd productivity and ultimately the bottom line: profitability. However, that’s easier said than done with so many critical decisions to be made. To help make these decisions more manageable and easier, AgSights (, a producer cooperative with a network across Canada and the United States, offers cattle producers the support, technology and easy-step methods to enhance herd management, including tracking, identification and information storage needs.

With this data, AgSights can offer greater marketing tools and even provide the entire life history of each animal. By doing so, AgSights understands that connecting the needs of farmers, producers and consumers is key to growing the farming and livestock industries while promoting the integrity of traceability and information sharing.
For cattle producers, Go360bioTrack is a true game changer when it comes to herd management. Currently general manager of AgSights and with the company for the past eight years, Betty Jo Almond has watched cattle producers embrace the wide range of options that Go360bioTrack can offer. Almond says, “At AgSights, we want to make data management easy. Our goal is to provide producers with a user-friendly program that offers easy record keeping and is easy to import and export.” Simply put, Go360bioTrack is a web-based livestock tracking and traceability system that gives producers anytime, anywhere access to herd information. It literally takes the guesswork out of the equation with a precise understanding of what can be expected from each animal, while at the same time increasing that animal’s value.
Jared Sherman of Soderglen Ranches, LTD, located northwest of Airdrie, Alberta, values the options that Go360bioTrack has provided his ranch. “We have used bioTrack and AgSights genetic evaluations for over 7 years. Their bull evaluation services feed data into customizable across breed EPDs that are built right into bioTrack. This along with AgSights’ service has refined how we manage and use data, ensuring that Soderglen’s breeding program remains strong and innovative.”
Technical support is only a call or email away, and AgSights prides itself in offering producers continuous support. With the wide use of smartphones and tablets, Go360bioTrack easily uses those devices to save the data on each animal. Producers using Go360bioTrack also have the ability to fit it with existing hardware, giving users the freedom to continue to use preferred livestock tagging and record keeping tools.
Almond notes, “Go360bioTrack lets producers work their cattle, allowing them to manage their herd the way they want, while AgSights will take care of the tech side of things.” At the same time, Go360bioTrack is an extremely cost-effective way of efficient herd management. “Producers choose what they want to use. It is extremely customizable. Producers pay for what they use.”

AgSights has taken the worry out of record-keeping. No more need for filing papers and storing records. All records are stored on fully backed, enabling record access anytime, anywhere. Data options include pedigree, health records, genetic evaluations history of location and movement, accurate inventory by location and history of progeny performance.
AgSights offers its clients all of the support, technology and methods of enhancing herd management needed. Courtney McMorris, Business Development Associate, says, “Training sessions are given to all clients regardless of the options they have chosen for their account. We customize these sessions to meet each producer’s learning style (screen sharing meetings where we can walk through the program in real time with client, written manuals for readers, YouTube videos etc.). We also help new clients hit the ground running by getting their current records imported into their new account, so it is current and up-to-date when they begin using it.”
Sean McGrath of Round Rock Ranching near Vermillion, Alberta, agrees with the support he has received from AgSights. “We use bioTrack for our growing cowherd, and the most valuable aspect is the level of support we have received from the staff. They have been professional and helpful in assisting us with sorting out data or operating issues, often well outside the bounds of regular office hours.”
Go360bioTrack offers seven distinct management tools:
Livestock identification-the first step that gives instant access to each animal’s individual information.
Record keeping-no more need for filing papers and storing records. All records stored on fully backed up and maintained external Q9 networks. Access the records anytime, anywhere. Data options include pedigree, health, reproduction, genetic evaluations, history of location and movement, accurate inventory by location and history of progeny performance.
Tracking and traceability-offers secure cattle tracking with history of movements in order to get the best grasp on animal performance and access to markets requiring documentation. Offers an end-to-end flow of information.
Health management-helps manage the herd health, medical inventory, manage and document health requirements, secure, and choose both the best herd sire and replacement females to provide top offspring for the next generation.
Genetic evaluations-helps unlock the genetic potential of the herd, provide awareness of best performing animals, customize options to allow for easy comparisons across breeds, determine the next herd sire or which females to replace or upgrade…all through weekly updated evaluations of each animal.
Cattle breeding and production-paves the way for genetic improvements that positively affect the scale and success of the operation through the use of leading-edge genetic evaluations.
Bull and heifer genetic evaluations-allows for comparing and ranking animals to determine if the breeding stock is meeting the producer’s pre-determined breeding goals, determining if the bulls and heifers are meeting clients’ breeding strategies and help market bulls and heifers for potential buyers.
Vicki Johnson, Executive Director of North American Piedmontese Association (NAPA), talks of the positive relationship the NAPA has had with AgSights over the years. “The North American Piedmontese Cattle Association has enjoyed a highly productive working relationship with AgSights for over a decade. AgSights was our choice for the development of customized breed Genetic Evaluations that incorporate specific gene-effects, and their attention to detail, validation of results and customer service have been first class. Piedmontese breeders today can utilize the powerful Go360bioTrack system to seamlessly upload herd records for AgSights weekly data updates, keeping EPD information current, accurate and meaningful. Ever helpful and accommodating, AgSights staff continue to be a pleasure to work with.”
Paul Ferguson of Crystal Farms, located near Jasper, Ontario, believes cattle producers should look into utilizing the Go360bioTrack program. “I don’t understand why more people don’t have genetic evaluations for their animals after seeing our success.”
Almond and McMorris encourage cattle producers to check out the many options that AgSights can offer and encourage producers to check out the website and explore the many links. They look forward to hearing from potential clients via phone (855-246-2333) or email at