101 Ways to Use Your Trimming Bar

Published on Fri, 07/31/2020 - 11:21am

101 Ways to Use Your Trimming Bar.

 Author: Dana Charban.

 A Trimming Bar goes by about as many names as it has uses. Depending on who you talk to, it could be referred to as a Branding Bar, Hip Bar, Anti-Kick Bar, or even Calf Restrainer Bar! No matter what you call it, this addition to your chute is incredibly versatile and provides handlers with more options than ever to access their livestock while keeping them securely contained in the chute when you need to open the side access doors.

How does it work?

The Trimming Bar is attached to the inside of the cattle chute, and is mounted on the squeeze so that it can be used for any size cow or calf. When a cow is squeezed, the Trimming Bar tucks into the hip joint of the cow to immobilize the hip which minimizes their range of motion to prevent kicking. The Bar can be adjusted along the side of the chute to work with cattle of different sizes. Depending on the task you are completing, you can install trimming bars on one or both sides of the chute to open the side doors fully. Once the cow is squeezed in the chute with the trimming bar in place, you can complete any task that you need to with ease.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use the Trimming Bar!

1. Trimming Cattle

This task is where the Trimming Bar gets its name, even though it can be used for many other purposes than just clipping cattle. The Trimming Bar allows you to contain 4H and show cattle securely in the chute to trim and groom them in preparation for an event.

2. Branding Calves

Branding calves can be tricky, as they vary in height and can be difficult to access properly with the top or bottom side gates depending on their size. Placing a trimming bar in the chute on the side where you brand your cattle provides you with the ability to open the side door and brand them in the proper location. The immobilization of the hip is essential for handler safety during this procedure, and you should not brand cattle with the full side access open unless you have a trimming bar in place!

3. Banding

Banding is another task where it can be tricky to get the right access depending on the size of the calf, and securing the hip to prevent kicking is very important to protect cattle handlers. The trimming bar allows handlers to open the doors and access the rear of a calf without having to contort into an awkward position to place the band properly.

Bonus: Adding a trimming bar to your chute for branding and banding eliminates the need for a calf table completely!

4. Nursing Calves

Some calves are reluctant to nurse when a cow is contained in the chute. For those stubborn calves, having the option to open the side access fully provides them with enough space and freedom that they will nurse without putting up a fight, while keeping momma safely secured in the chute.

5. Anything else you can think of!

When you need full side access on one or both sides of the chute for any other task, the Trimming Bar gives you the ability to do so with ease. While this device may appear simple on the surface, it works with low-stress cattle handling to keep your livestock stress to a minimum while they are in the chute. It also protects handlers with the thoughtfully crafted design that minimizes the likelihood of kicks during stressful procedures.

Common questions about the cattle Trimming Bar.

Why use a Trimming Bar in your cattle chute instead of a calf table?

Unlike a calf table, the Trimming Bar keeps calves in their natural, upright position. This can lower stress levels in your calves significantly, making them more content during the procedure and easier to work through your system in the future. Additionally, it can save you time and money by doing more tasks with a single piece of cattle handling equipment.

How do I install and remove the trimming bar?

The trimming bar is installed on the frame with two brackets. These brackets are easily adjusted along the top and bottom bars to work with cattle of varying sizes, and once it is in the chute you do not need to remove it. Even when you will not be using the full side access, the Trimming Bar can remain in the chute as it will not interfere with your other tasks and will be ready for use when needed.

What model of cattle chutes is the Trimming Bar an option for?

The Trimming Bar is a new release that is available on all 400 and 700 Series chutes for cattle by Arrowquip, including the world-renowned Q-Catch 87 Series Cattle Chute and Q-Power 107 Series Hydraulic Cattle Chute. It is also an option for some previous models from their product line, please contact Arrowquip for details on retrofitting. For more information on the Cattle Trimming Bar or the new Q-Catch 87 Series, Q-Catch 74 Series, or Q-Power 107 Series cattle chutes, please visit arrowquip.com.

Quiet, Quieter, Quietest.

The new Q-Catch 87 Series Cattle Chute

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