American Cattlemen interviews Two Bitch Bourbon founders

American Cattlemen interviews Two Bitch Bourbon founders

By Jessica Graham

On our episode “News, Country Music and Bourbon, Wow What a Combo! Two Bitch Bourbon Feature Interview!” we speak with guests are Joe and Lauren Luby. They’re the founders of Two Bitch Spirits out of Eureka Nevada. They share their origin story with us. Listen to the full podcast on your favorite platform to hear the whole story in their own words.

“We are the true mom-and-pop type business in the liquor industry here. We’re big dog lovers and we’ve always loved whiskey. For over a decade now, we we’ve been throwing annual whiskey parties,” says Joe.
Lauren goes on to elaborate, “We would just invite friends over to the house and we had a bar that we built to that we call the Louie Saloon. People would come over and bring whatever kind of whiskey they found at the liquor store and we would all give it a taste and just have a good time.”

The path to Two Bitch Bourbon and its name has a journey of heartache and joy. Lauren and Joe Luby talk about the naming of their company. Originally, they had 2 dogs, and Lauren’s dog disappeared into the desert, never to be seen again, a truly heart-breaking loss. While scouring the internet for any sign or photo of Lauren’s lost dog, they fell in love with a pair of pups abandoned in the desert. They brought the dogs home and incorporated them into the founding name: Two Bitch Spirits. For the annual party, Lauren designed an invite with the puppies.

“I did a mockup invitation we came up with the name ‘Two Bitch Bourbon’ and came up with a logo mockup invitation. You can see that on our on our website under our story. People thought it was a real product when they received the invitation and they came to the party saying: ‘I was looking for that Two Bitch at the local liquor store and I couldn’t find it anywhere,” Lauren explains. She goes on to say, “I think that’s where a lot of the encouragement came from. We needed to start this brand.”

You’ll have to listen to the whole podcast to paint a vivid picture of their story, their dogs, and their journey of their business. Two Bitch Spirits Ltd. is a family owned and operated liquor company headquartered in Eureka, Nevada. Go to our podcast on and you will find a promo code for the bourbon. They have several different varieties, so be sure to lean more on their website: Some of their varieties include: Small Batch With Bite™, Pack Leader Reserve™, Eureka Gold™, and Single Barrell Select.

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