MJE Livestock Equipment Partners with Pearson Livestock Equipment to Enhance Ranching Operations Nationwide

MJE Livestock Equipment Partners with Pearson Livestock Equipment to Enhance Ranching Operations Nationwide

Article and photo courtesy of MJE Livestock Equipment

Montezuma, KS – May 6, 2024,  MJE Livestock Equipment, a leading provider of innovative livestock handling solutions, is excited to announce a new strategic collaboration with Pearson Livestock Equipment, one of the most respected names in the cattle handling industry.

This partnership is a testament to our commitment to ranchers nationwide, as it aims to provide them with the finest squeeze chutes, enhancing their working facilities and portable corrals, and ultimately, their operational efficiency.

With a well-earned reputation for quality and reliability, Pearson Livestock Equipment’s squeeze chutes are renowned for their durability and functionality. MJE Livestock Equipment is proud to integrate these top-of-the-line chutes into its product offerings, with headgates painted in MJE’s signature steel blue to ensure they integrate seamlessly with existing equipment, providing ranchers with a product they can trust.

“This collaboration represents a pivotal step in our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to the ranching community,” said Heather Jantz, Chief Operating Officer at MJE Livestock Equipment. By incorporating Pearson’s well-regarded chutes into our lineup, we are not just adding a product; we are completing a suite of tools that enable ranchers to manage their livestock more effectively and efficiently.”

The partnership between MJE and Pearson is founded on a shared vision of enhancing the rancher’s workflow and operational efficiency. Pearson’s squeeze chutes, known for their robust construction and ease of use, perfectly complement MJE’s existing range of portable corrals and working facilities. This holistic solution is designed to support the health and productivity of their herds, demonstrating our understanding and support for the challenges ranchers face.

“We are excited to work alongside MJE Livestock Equipment, a company that mirrors our dedication to the agriculture industry,” said Brice Sawin, Sales Manager at Pearson Livestock Equipment. “Our squeeze chutes are designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern ranching, and through this partnership, we can ensure that more ranchers have access to the equipment they need to succeed.”

MJE Livestock Equipment’s dealer network will be crucial in distributing these chutes, ensuring that ranchers throughout the United States can easily acquire and integrate these advanced handling solutions into their operations.

Ranchers interested in learning more about the enhanced range of products now available through MJE Livestock Equipment and its dealers should visit www.mjelivestockequipment.com or contact their local dealer. This partnership signifies the joining of two leaders in the field and marks a significant advancement in the resources available to the ranching community.

About MJE Livestock Equipment

MJE Livestock Equipment makes the lives of farmers and ranchers easier through strategic herd management advice, facility design, and American-made livestock equipment built with innovation that makes ranching easier and cattle safe, healthy, and happy.

To learn more about MJE Livestock Equipment and become part of their fast-growing network of dealers, visit our website: www.mjelivestockequipment.com/dealers

About Pearson Livestock Equipment

Pearson Livestock Equipment is known for its commitment to quality and durability, producing some of the industry’s most respected cattle handling equipment. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Pearson continues to set the standard in the livestock equipment market.

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