American Cattlemen’s Podcast with Dr. Robert Wells of Noble Research Institute

We are back with another edition of the American Cattlemen Podcast.   Just ahead, we have the Publisher of the American Cattlemen, Gale McKinney, as he sits down with Dr. Robert Wells, the Senior Regenerative Ranching Adviser for the Noble Research Institute.  Throughout the conversation, Dr. Wells will share his personal and professional backgrounds and the background and development of Noble’s Business Essentials Course.  They will also discuss Ranching as a lifestyle versus a business.  What a great interview! We hope you enjoy it.

For a deeper dive into the world of cattle ranching, we invite you to explore our website,, where you can find a corral full of previous episodes. You can stay updated with us on social media by searching American Cattlemen. We value your continued support and interest in our podcast. 

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