American Cattlemen Podcast | Episode #7 | January 15, 2024

Hey, welcome to the American Cattlemen Podcast, it’s great to have you along for the ride. Coming up in this edition, we have two women with big-time ties to the cattle industry. First up, Jaclyn Wilson from the Wilson Flying Diamond Ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska…we’re talking about history, beef quality, and NCBA. We’ll also chat with singer-songwriter Roxi Copeland of Austin, Texaswho also has a cattle family in Western Nebraska…where she learned the ropes during summer visits. Now, influenced by the music scene in Austin, it has come back to country music…  All of that is ahead on the American Cattlemen Podcast.

This episode of the American Cattleman Podcast is brought to you by: Rawhide Portable Corrals

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