Cattle Country Chronicles: In-Depth Profiles of American Producers

 By Jessica Graham.

The cattle industry’s favorite podcast, The American Cattlemen Podcast, is now featuring special and exclusive Producer Profiles. These special podcasts explore behind-the-scenes with America’s top operations. Our Producer Profiles deliver the exclusive content you want to hear.

Producer Profile: Nichols Farms
The American Cattlemen Podcast, features interviews with industry experts and leaders, including Ross Havens. Ross is the marketing manager at Nichols Farms in Bridgewater, Iowa. Ross tells us about Nichols Farms, their on-the-farm cattle sales, and how they’re accomplishing some of their goals. One of their ambitious goals is to focus on particular breeding for Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) resistance.

Ross explains, “BRD in the industry is a huge, huge dollar section out of our industry. It’s a $10 billion cost to our beef industry.” Ross goes on to say, “We really wanted to work our way into a program where we can start identifying some beef genetics that were resistant to BRD. So, in 2015 we started that process.”

You will have to listen to the whole podcast, found on Podbean,, or your favorite podcast platform. This is one you don’t want to miss!

Producer Profile: Hoover Angus
Another Producer Profile takes a look at Hoover Angus, founded in 1928. The southern Iowa farm is run with the collaboration of multiple generations. They’re living the dream which a lot of us strive for.

Lindy explains, “Hoover Angus is focused on genetics that are going to make the commercial cattlemen profitable.” Lindy uses the example of their bull “Hoover Dam”. “He was a bull that you could retain daughters out of that were functional, productive, and long-lasting. That’s what we’re about. We really focus our program on docility, good temperament cattle, calving ease, and cattle with a high growth rate.”

Hoover Angus has spring and fall sales at their Hoover Angus Sale Facility in Southern Iowa. Depending on the sale, they could be selling bred heifers, bulls, or other registered Angus. They give more details about their farm and genetics in the full conversation with Gail and Chap on the American Cattlemen Podcast.

Producer Profile: Drake Simmental
Flint Drake with Drake Simmental of Centerville, Iowa, shares with us their story about their roots and how their farm changed into their current-day farming operation. You can’t help but become invested in Flint Drake’s story.

“It’s been close to 80 years that we’ve been selling bulls off the farm, and then around 1970 or so Dad got into Simmentals,” Flint states. Part of Drake Simmental’s roots come from raising competitive show cattle. Flint explains, “I think we had 40 state fair grand and reserve champions and eight national grand and reserve champions. We were a premier exhibitor at Denver three times.” The operation didn’t lose its focus from bulls though. “We were always focused on selling bulls, that never went away.”  Flint elaborates, “The real cattle business is raising genetics that maximizes the quality and value of beef.

Listen to Flint Drake walk you through the humble beginnings from a covered wagon, to their present-day operation. Several of his family members are involved in cattle, and Flint talks about their bull genetics and bull sales. This podcast, along with many more can be found on our website, or on most podcast platforms. These podcasts are a valuable resource for anyone interested in the cattle industry and its future.

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